"We all have an equal opportunity to be happy." -Anandagiri

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Anandagiri at New Beginning Workshop on Queen Mary

Well there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type… or say… lol Yes, the next event here in the states with Anandagiri is going to be March 9-11, in Long Beach, California, on board the actual Queen Mary. This is where I would normally tell you all about what happens at one of the “A [...]

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Ananda Giri: One for the Truth Seeker

I was fourteen and studying in my ninth grade. Already in the last three years that I had studied at this school so many of my existing beliefs had been questioned and challenged that I had been forced to enquire into the substantiality of the ideas on which most of my thinking was founded. A [...]

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Self and Love

I’m starting to understand this stuff.  Sure, I’m a bit slow.  I’ve bought several iPads, and gave them all away.  I don’t use mine.  I have an iPhone and don’t use it.  I have TWO PC’s on my desk right now, and no Apple computers. But I DO get what J. Krishnamurti is saying here. [...]

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